Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit Theme Verse

Our Summer Grace Place lessons began on June 7th.

New weekly content will be available on Sunday mornings. Join us for a Zoom lesson at 10:30 am Sunday mornings or access the lesson files, video links, and projects here to fit your schedule.

God has given us spiritual gifts and among these are the Fruit of the Spirit. These help us live lives that please God and God intended for our lives to be a witness to Him. When we share these blessings from God by our thoughts, words, and deeds, we share Him with others. As children learn about the Fruit of the Spirit (FOS) they will learn that God can use each of them to show His love to others. Jesus is the ultimate expression of God's love and these qualities of the FOS are embodied in Jesus. We grow closer to Jesus as we learn to love and share like He did.

This summer we will study one different "Fruit of the Spirit" each week. During the course of the summer, younger children who are still learning who Jesus is, will learn through the FOS what Jesus is like, and that He wants us to be like Him, and to share His love. Older children, will learn to recognize the FOS in their lives and in others, and realize the importance of each quality. We will see that each quality is a tool that God has given us through the Holy Spirit to show Jesus love to others.

Fruit of the Spirit Family Resources for the summer

Hang your chart where you will see it often to remind you to SHARE the FRUIT every day. You can use your chart at mealtime or bedtime to talk as a family about the ways that you have all shown the quality of the fruit focus for the week. Tell about times you saw others acting in the focus for the week. There is a column for every week, to record daily with a sticker or check mark to celebrate that you shared the fruit of the Spirit.

Theme Song Link: Fruit of the Spirit Song

Summer of Sharing Challenge

Each week this summer you will be challenged to SHARE the fruit of the Spirit for the week with those around you. Details, support documents, and supply lists can be downloaded below.

Sharing the Fruit of the Spirit All Summer

  • Attend Summer Grace Place Zoom to kick off the weekly focus "fruit".
  • Use the Family Lesson plan if you miss Sunday. (Open the lesson to get active links to videos for lesson and music.)
  • Use the Faith@Home Page for a quick look at the weekly fruit, Bible Point and extra resources.
  • Participate as a family in the Summer Sharing Challenges.
  • Use the recipes for some Fruity Food Fun.
  • Chart your progress as a family or by person on the Fruit of the Spirit Chart.
  • Post a comment or picture on our FB Group page to show how you are sharing the Fruit of the Spirit during the week.
Family Lesson Dates Faith @ Home Sharing Challenge Recipe Extra Activities
Love 6/7 Love - Quick Look and Links Any Day Valentine Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes Love extras
Self Control 6/14  Self-control - Quick Look and Links Control Your Litter Self Control Grape Salad

 Self Control Extra Activities

Out of Control Video

No Zoom Lesson 6/21        
Peace 6/28  Peace - Quick Look and Links Peace Project No Worries Peaceful Cherry S'mores  Peace Extra Activities
Patience 7/5  Patience - Quick Look and Links Patience Pots Patience, Love and Joy smoothie  Extra Activities for Patience
Kindness 7/12  Kindness - Quick Look and Links Kindness Coupons   Go Bananas 3 Ways  Kindness Extra Activities
Goodness 7/19  Goodness - Quick Look Links Giving Goodness  Copycat Orange Julius  Goodness Extra Activities
Faithfulness 7/26  Faithfulness - Quick Look Links Faithful Prayer Walk Inside Out Caramel Apples  
Gentleness 8/2 Gentleness - Quick Look Links Gentleness Jars Gently Floating Lime Soda Gentleness Extra Activities
Joy 8/9      Cool and Easy Strawberry Joy Pie  
Fruit Wrap up! 8/16        


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