Faith & Mission

What We Believe

We believe that God has offered the free gift of eternal life to all who believe in Jesus Christ. As with any gift, this priceless treasure is ours not because we deserve it, but rather it is given in love, the love of God.

God's love shows itself in the life, death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ. With his death on a cross God's Son paid the penalty for our sins. With his resurrection Jesus shows us that we, who believe in him, will one day live with him in heaven.

On Sundays and during the week we gather for worship, study, fellowship, mutual support and service. We do this to say "thank you" to God for all he has done and continues to do in our lives. We do this because we want to grow as people and as Christians. We want to celebrate God's love and share it with others.

We believe that there is a place in God's heart for you.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

At Our Savior's Way, we glorify God and make disciples for Jesus by:
Forming Relationships, Experiencing Jesus Together, and Sharing God’s Love.

Our Values

  • Serving God's People
  • Sharing God's Love
  • Building God's People
  • Growing God's Family
  • Knowing God's Word
  • Returning God's Blessing
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Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church
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