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Haiti March 2024

Update on the Situation in Haiti

Updated March 20, 2024

Dear Friends of GoHaiti,

Given the deteriorating situation in Haiti, I am providing you a short status report and sharing some contingency plans we are developing.

As many of you know from current headlines, much of Haiti has sadly reached a much higher level of violence: murders and rapes daily, over 4000 criminals have broken out of prison, US pulling out staff and sending in troops to protect their embassy, and the Prime Minister has been forced to resign. While there is hope for an international coalition of support – terror still rules the day. Just this week, we had to break the news to one of our children that their father had been murdered in Port-au-Prince.

By the grace of God, the children are safe – we know of a number of cases where gangs have attacked orphanages in larger city areas killing and raping innocents. While our kids are unable to attend school currently because of potential kidnapping threats and violence perpetrated on other schools, we are providing tutoring to maintain educational levels.  A church in Connecticut is donating a Star-Link system to stabilize our communications and we hope to move toward some level of “distance learning”.  We have begun harvesting from our garden and plan an expansion soon to become more self-sufficient. And, even amidst this turmoil, like all of you, we are looking forward to celebrating Easter and the Resurrection of Our Savior Jesus Christ with worship and praise.

In light of the escalation of violence, we are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of our children and staff. We have identified a remote village away from the main highway that would serve as a safe-haven if the need arises. This village could also double as a "summer camp" for the children, providing them with a change of scenery in a secure environment.

To make this contingency plan a reality, we need to acquire tents, stockpile supplies, and make other necessary preparations using the help of a local church in that village. We estimate that this will require an additional $25,000 in fundraising over the next 30 days. We are pleased to announce that we have already received pledges to match the first $5,000 raised. Donations may be made on-line HERE.

Above all else, we need your prayers. Your prayers have sustained us through difficult times, and we ask that you continue to lift us up in prayer. Our supply chain is working well and we have 4 barrels of food, medicine, clothing and other items due to arrive in the next week or two in the Dominican Republic (DR) and be transported to the Haiti border where they will be picked up by orphanage staff – 4 more barrels will be sent in a few more weeks. We will also be making some short trips to the DR in March and April to acquire food and some supplies locally where it is more cost effective and transport those items to the border also.

Katia and I are forever grateful for your support – it is so encouraging for us to know you are with us on this journey of hope. You are a blessing to us, and we pray for you as you pray for us. May God bless you always. 

With heartfelt thanks,

Dr. Franco and Katia (RN) Jean-Louis


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