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New Sermon Series: Loved & Sent

April 14th to June 2nd

What if two simple words could transform your life? This spring, we’ll explore how two pivotal words from the Bible—Loved & Sent—can redefine who you are and why you matter. Using insights from the book Loved & Sent by Pastor Jeff Cloeter, we’ll discover that we are loved by God more than we’ve ever imagined and sent into this world with more purpose than we’ve ever thought.

Summer Camp Enrollment is Open

Camp Glow, Open Arms Summer Camp, is coming again this summer! We offer a full day camp for school-aged children who have completed Kindergarten to 5th grade, as well as a part day camp for preschoolers ages 3 to 5. Sessions are available by week between June 17th and August 9th or 16th, depending on the program. Click here for more information.

Scam Alert

Updated Jan. 4, 2024

Recently, some of our members have received scam texts and emails from scammers pretending to be Pastor John. If you receive any of these types of messages for favors or requests, please disregard and block the sender.

How to Identify a Fake Message:

  • You receive a message requesting gift cards.
  • A text comes from a realistic, but random, phone number.
  • The email address is not an address, but is from a gmail or yahoo address.
  • They request that you not reach out via phone call because they’re “in a meeting.”
  • The message seems time-sensitive or says that it is urgent.

We get so many messages and emails during the course of the day. Many times, people who would disregard an email will accidentally follow a spoof text message as it seems more “legit.” Scammers are looking for money… usually in the form of gift cards, or personal and sensitive information that can be used for identity theft and fraud. Be careful, be cautious, and be skeptical!

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