Pastor Tyson Labuhn
Pastor Tyson Labuhn
Pastor Eric Peterson
Pastor Eric Peterson
Pastor Gary James
Pastor Gary James
Pastor Mike Ramey
Pastor Mike Ramey
Date Title Media Bible Text Preacher
05/31/2020 Mercy to the Merciless notes text video  Genesis 42, 45, 50 Ramey
05/24/2020 From Misery to Majesty notes text video  Genesis 41 Ramey
05/17/2020 Joseph-Waiting on God notes text video  Genesis 40 Ramey
05/10/2020 Alone in Egypt...Not! notes text video  Genesis 39 Ramey
05/03/2020 In God's Hands notes text video  Genesis 37:12-36 Ramey
04/26/2020 Joseph-Suffering in God's Hands notes text video  Genesis 37:1-11 Ramey
04/19/2020 Experiencing God's Peace notes text video  John 20:19-29 Peterson
04/12/2020 Easter Sunday notes text video  Matthew 28:1-10 Labuhn
04/09/2020 Maundy Thursday               video  Proverbs 25:11 Peterson
04/05/2020 Holy Week - The News Delivered notes text video  Philippians 2:5-11 James
03/29/2020 Hope of Life notes text video  Ezekiel 37:1-14 Labuhn
03/22/2020 From Where Does My Help Come? notes text video  Psalm 121 Ramey
03/15/2020 A Place to Go in Time of Trouble         text video    Peterson
03/08/2020 Jesus teaches Nicodemus notes text audio  John 3:1-17 Labuhn
03/01/2020 Are You Good Enough for Temptation? notes text audio  Matthew 4:1-11 Labuhn
02/23/2020 The Transfiguration of Jesus notes text audio  Matthew 17:1-9 Peterson

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